We strive to maintain your natural teeth whenever possible, but there are circumstances where it makes sense to extract teeth that are damaged or decayed. If the damage is beyond the point of repair, then extraction might be required to avoid complications. Leaving the tooth in place could lead to an infection that spreads to the gums, bone and surrounding teeth.

Sometimes tooth removal is necessary for orthodontic care because of overcrowding in the mouth. Our dental team works hand-in-hand with your other oral care providers to provide optimal services. We provide a comfortable environment and top-notch care to help you feel relaxed during the tooth removal service.

You may benefit from a tooth extraction when:

  • An unexpected infection pops up, leaving you with throbbing pain.
  • Overcrowding causes major dental issues to your smile.
  • Your tooth has become severely damaged and needs repair as soon as possible.
  • You have a severe case of gum disease.
  • You wake up with frequent stiffness in your jaw, affecting your daily activities.

Whatever the reason is, Dr. Jessica Rhodes and our team can help here at Juniper Dentistry. Call us today at 312-766-9395 to schedule an appointment with our dentist and learn more about tooth extractions in Chicago, Illinois.