Severely damaged teeth can be restored using partial or full dental crowns placed over the remaining portion of the tooth. Dental decay, trauma and damage can impact the integrity of the tooth, leading to complications in the future. Tooth crown placement can be used to avoid extraction in the future.

The tooth crown is custom designed to match the color and shape of your natural teeth. This porcelain cover is placed over the damaged tooth to restore the appearance and strength of the tooth. A dental crown is often needed after other dental work, such as a root canal or the removal of a large area of decay.

There are several benefits to getting a dental crown here at Juniper Dentistry, including:

  • Less pain to help your jaw and teeth function properly
  • More support to a dental bridge if you have one
  • Get back strength to your tooth
  • Wear a smile you can feel comfortable in
  • Give more shape to your teeth
  • Cover up a dental implant
  • Prevent future tooth damage
  • More stability to your smile

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