Dental crowns, essential for restoring damaged or weakened teeth, now offer a revolutionary option: Zirconia. Dr. Jessica Rhodes utilizes this advanced material to provide patients with crowns that not only exhibit exceptional strength but also boast unparalleled aesthetic benefits.

The Strength of Zirconia

Zirconia, a robust and durable ceramic material, stands out for its superior strength. This makes it an excellent choice for dental crowns, ensuring longevity and resilience in daily use. With Zirconia crowns, patients can enjoy the confidence that comes with a restoration that can withstand the demands of chewing and biting.

Preserving Tooth Structure

One key advantage of Zirconia crowns is the minimal removal of tooth structure during the preparation phase. Dr. Rhodes prioritizes conservative dentistry, and with Zirconia, less natural tooth needs to be altered for a secure fit. This preservation of healthy tooth structure contributes to the overall health of the tooth and promotes long-lasting results.

Aesthetic Excellence

Say goodbye to the telltale dark lines around the gums associated with traditional metal-based crowns. Zirconia’s translucent properties mimic the appearance of natural teeth, ensuring a seamless blend with your smile. Dr. Rhodes crafts crowns that not only restore functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your teeth.

Discover the Benefits with Dr. Jessica Rhodes

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